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London School of Business and Communication 

Founded in London in 2011 by an international consortium specialized in business learning in order to integrate the experiential learning benefits for the international online learning community – based upon a visionary business education project called “Fill the gap”. What does “Fill the gap” mean?

We all know that there is a significant gap between the knowledge people get during their academic studies and the knowledge they actually need in the real life in order perform at their jobs. This is the reason why after more than 12 years of business education on the European market, we rethought the learning process around the experiential learning model and we started filling the gap by taking the practical knowledge directly from its source and make it available for students from all over the world.

Our approach is to work exclusively with experienced practitioners in order to establish the knowledge that is important in business learning and what is just plain useless theory that cannot be used in the real life.

We are working closely with an international team of business owners, entrepreneurs and highly experienced professionals in Human Resources, Management, Marketing, Sales, Psychology, Law & Finance, PR, Business Communication and many other business areas in order to find relevant knowledge people really need when they graduate a business course.

In order to accomplish this, we’ve worked closely with companies in order to establish the skills framework that the employers need and the academic studies just doesn’t offer.

All the results are gathered into our LSBC Business Learning Standards, based on the skills framework mentioned herein before in order to make them available worldwide.

London School of Business and Communication is a private certification body specialized in business learning.

To find out more about the LSBC Business Learning Standard click here.


Our Approach
We don’t believe in the so called “lifetime access” to the courses, meaning that a student can attend and complete the courses someday in this “lifetime” as many MOOC’s do these days.  Our research shows that a well-organized learning system with a relaxed schedule can help the busy students study at their own pace and finish the courses. And the language should always be clear, concise and easy to understand no matter the complexity of the topic.
Our Belief
We believe that the practical knowledge is defining for someone’s personal and professional development.
Our Mission
Our mission is to fill the gap between the knowledge people get during their academic studies and the knowledge they actually need when dealing with real life situations.


Collaboration: We collaborate with the most experienced professionals in order to bring the business reality into the learning process.

Integrity: We act with integrity and responsibility in our interactions with our students and collaborators.

Respect: We treat each other with respect, embracing the diversity of individuals and ideas.

Passion: We’re passionate about transforming learning into an enjoyable experience.

Perseverance: We believe perseverance plays a defining role in someone’s professional development.

Competence: We develop our students professionally, into highly skilled business professionals.

Innovation: We encourage and provide innovation and creativity in business education.

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